Back-to-school information

This important video is from Superintendent Noreen Bush. Please take a few minutes to absorb the heartfelt back-to-school message.

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Jennifer Nurre, Principal
Patrick Winter, Counselor

Main Office: 319-558-2264
Attendance: 319-558-2284
Fax: 319-398-2266

School hours:  
Monday through Thursday
8:50-2:20 - Friday 
Early Dismissals are at 2:20   

Please call the attendance office (319-558-2284; 24 hours a day) if your child will be absent from school or will be arriving late.  

Please call the main office (319-558-2264) by 3:00 PM if your child will be picked up early for the day.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Anti-Bullying and Harassment

Harassment and bullying of students and employees are against federal, state and local policy, and are not tolerated by the Cedar Rapids Community School District. The District is committed to providing all students with a safe and civil school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect.  A student (or adult on student's behalf) who believes he / she has suffered harassment should report such matters to certified staff / administrators.

Below is a list of staff to report issues to at Arthur Elementary:
     Jennifer Nurre  319-558-1993
     Patrick Winter  319-558-2378

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