Title 1


Arthur Elementary Title I Parent Policy



It is the policy of Arthur Elementary that parents have the opportunity to be involved jointly in the development of the school plan and in the school’s review process for the purpose of school improvement.  Recognizing that parental involvement is the key to academic achievement, we seek to involve parents in an effective home-school partnership that will provide the best possible education for our students. The school provides coordination, technical assistance and other supports necessary to aid in the planning and implementation of parent involvement activities.   The school encourages parent involvement and supports this partnership through providing information about standards and assessments; providing training and materials for parents to help their children; educating school personnel about involving parents and the value of parent contributions; and developing roles for community organizations and businesses to work with parents and schools.


  1. This jointly agreed upon written policy is distributed to every family at the beginning of the school year.

  2. An annual meeting is held for all parents during a PTA meeting.  Additional meetings with flexible times shall be held throughout the year and be determined by parent suggestions.  Notification will be sent via the school website and/or school fliers.  

  3. Parents are given assistance in understanding the Title I requirements, standards, and assessments through the annual meeting and parent-teacher conferences.

  4. Parents receive an explanation of their student’s performance profile through individual reports given to parents at conference time and through report cards.

  5. Parent recommendations are encouraged and responded to in a timely manner.  Verbal or written responses will be given for recommendations.

  6. Parents will be involved with the planning, review, and improvement of the Title I program.  The vehicle will be the Reading Propel Team. If the Title I program is not satisfactory to the parents, they may submit comments to the Reading Propel Team.

  7. A school/parent compact outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students all share responsibility for improved student achievement.  The compact also describes the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the expected standards.  It is distributed during fall conference meetings and will be reviewed at the annual meetings.

  8. The Title I program provides opportunities for parents to become partners with the school in promoting the education of their children both at home and at school.  Parents are given help monitoring their student’s progress and provided assistance on how to participate in decisions related to their child’s education. The school also provides other reasonable support for parental involvement activities as requested by parents.  A valuable resource such as the Grant Wood Area Education Agency Parent Resource Library is recommended. Parents are encouraged to participate as volunteers in the school setting. Individual conferences will also be held. Reports on educational issues, books, and videos can be made available to parents.

  9. An annual evaluation of the parental involvement policy shall be conducted to determine its effectiveness.  Findings will be used to design strategies for school improvement and revision of policies. The annual spring meetings will serve as the site for the discussions of program adjustments.


Providing children with equal access to quality education is of primary purpose.  It is crucial that all partners (students, parents, educators, and communities) have the opportunity to provide input and offer resources to meet this purpose.  As these partnerships are mutually beneficial, developing cooperative efforts will ensure improved academic achievement for all students.


2019-2020 Title I Reading Team (Propel Team)

Jennifer Nurre- Principal

Kamber Boeckmann- Instructional Design Strategist

Stacy Wacek- Propel Coach

Molly Dabroski- GWAEA

Catherine Metz- 1st grade teacher

Chris Carstensen- Title I Teacher

Loan Arkenberg- 4th grade teacher