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Arthur’s school lunch program provides breakfast and lunch.   The choices for breakfast are made as they get their breakfast.  Choices for lunch are made as the lunch count and entrée choices are recorded at 9:00 each morning.  

No paper tickets are used at Arthur.  Money is deposited into an account created for each child and a computerized system deducts money from the child's account as they receive their food.  Applications are available in the office for free or reduced meals.

Lunch includes an entrée (or alternate) and self-serve choices.  Students are served the main portion and dessert, and then serve themselves the fruit and/or vegetable portion of the meal.  Sack lunches are served on "Early Dismissal" days.  

Parents are welcome to join their student(s) for lunch.  If a parent plans to eat school lunch, they are asked to notify the Arthur office by 9:00 a.m. on the day they will need the meal.  Parent meals may be charged to the  student account.

For students that are lactose intolerant and need to be provided juice as a substitute, we need a note from a physician verifying the need since it is a federal requirement that milk be provided with each school lunch.  This note is kept on file and shared only with our auditors.

Menus are published and sent home with students each month via each month's newsletter as well as posted on our website.  Please be aware that the Kitchen may need to make changes to the menus on occasion.  We will attempt to send information home to families if there are significant changes in the menu.  Students will be informed of last-minute changes via morning announcements.